David Haylock, an award-winning film producer, director, cinematographer, and videographer has established a reputation for excellence under pressure and the ability to deliver top quality film, video, and high definition images.

David has been filming documentary and current events television for more than two decades. He has produced and co-produced with the likes of BBC and NBC Dateline, and has shot for virtually every European television network starting with ARD and going all the way through ZDF with dozens in between. He has shot for Spain, Italy (RAI), Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, France, England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, just to mention a few.

David's credits include:

  • Tomorrow’s World, BBC
  • Dolphins Home to the Sea, Discovery Network
  • Jimmy Johnson Underwater Spot for NFL, Fox Sports
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass on Ice, ABC
  • The Everglades Rain Machine, Partridge Films Bristol / PBS
  • Coral Cay Conservation, BBC
  • Secrets of the Seas, Univisjon (Norway) / PBS
  • Reef-Ex Artificial Reef Program, Burson-Marsteller / Pentagon
  • Goodnight Mr. President, BBC
  • 60 Minutes (various shows), CBS
  • Life on Earth, BBC Natural History
  • The Great Gatsby, Paramount Pictures
  • 2nd Unit for Maximum Bob, Warner Bros.

David Haylock